Bomber jacket today’s outfit

Todays outfit consists of a few new garments and a statement designer piece. After a recent Uni trip to Paris  (can be seen here) I brought a floral bomber jacket, which is an item I wouldn’t normally wear but it was too beautiful to ignore. The jacket is from Zara and it cost me €50 so around £40, the bomber has a navy floral digital print as the main fabric and it has baby pink, silk effect sleeves. A bomber jacket is the perfect item to transition into spring, this is my first sports luxe outfit and I’m going to try more because these days, fashion has no limits and everything works. Trainers are the go to because of how comfortable they are, and I was always a style over comfort girl…image

I wore the jacket with my gorgeous Kenzo jumper, one of my designer statement pieces and my new adidas superstars. I had always wanted a Kenzo jumper but due to the price I couldn’t purchase one, I treated myself last year and found the perfect one. A bold designer statement piece is key to basing outfits around and it means you can get a taste of the lifestyle without having to break the bank, always try and buy something that is interchangeable and can be worn a lot of outfits! Unfortunately, I don’t have the income to have a designer wardrobe but I do have a few pieces which I adore.  


I purchased my adidas superstars on Sunday, I had tried them on in the shop before and was unsure but I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I looked online and I was gutted to find out they had sold out everywhere, luckily they had them in my local Office and I paid £60 with student discount. I love the floral print as it gives them a different twist and I haven’t seen shoes like it, they’re really comfortable and with all the old style trainers back in, I don’t think they’ll go out of fashion anytime soon!   


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